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Thoughts on crops and spurs? What's your opinion?😁

Thoughts on crops and spurs? What's your opinion?😁
Equipment doesn't abuse a horse the person using it does. When used properly you can achieve so much more with your horse and lateral movements and flexion.
A great aid if used properly
Depends on how they ate being used.
Anything can be used to abuse a horse, so if you are using these tools correctly you shouldn't be harmful to your horse. But if you cannot weild them correctly then you shouldn't use them.
I think that they are fine as long as you don't over use them and your horse needs it
I think that crops and spurs are fine aslong as you use them properly. Personally I don't use them but If you have a horse that "needs it" and you can't get them moving then I think it fine
My sister's rides a very lazy horse who will only trot if you give him a tap on the shoulder with a crop. So far I never really had to use a crop on my horse just give him kick. And I never used spurs so I don't really know about how good they are.
Thanks for the answers. I ride with a crop and sometimes spurs it depends on what I'm doing.
There ok if they are used properly and not as an abuse tool
I have very lazy horses so most of the time I ride with both. My pony has a hard time focusing so sometimes I will give her a tap with my crop on the shoulder. I use the crop behind my leg with her too. Sometimes the more I give her leg with my spur the more she sucks back. That's when I will give her a good enough tap so she can feel it but it's far from being "abusive" I put my spur so it's lower so if I need it I got it but if I don't my heel can lay on her side with out her getting jabbed. I see nothing wrong with using either one of these "tools".
There are many people who say crops and spurs are abuse. I think that if you use them correctly its okay. Crops are not used to make your horse go faster but to make it focus on you. If you use it lightly on the shoulder to grab its attention I think it's fine. But you should NEVER whip a horse with a crop of anything else. On the other hand, spurs are used to move the hind quarters of your horse. I think many people use it in a wrong way. If you use all the tack that is used on the horse properly I think it is fine to use them. Sry that it was long.
Yes they are fine if u know how to use them,I know people who ride with them always but dont use them only if necessary also crops are a good aid to have bu u dont need to use it:)
1) with crops don't over use them! You can get in trouble while over using a crop in the show ring.
2) with spurs you need to learn how to use them correctly. If you ride with you toe facing out then the spur would be in the horses side all the time. So you need to make sure you can use them properly.
They are fine if used correctly and needed