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I'm going to a new barn. Any tips?

I'm going to a new barn. Any tips?
Avoid drama, make friends, be tidy:)
Be nice
Meet new people and make new friends and have fun and learn all you can
Keep your stuff together and clean, don't leave a mess. If you do it will send a bad message and other boarders will think you are a slob. And yes, avoid gossip!!
Avoid gossip!
Be nice to everyone and don't gossip! Try to be friendly with everyone and it makes life a whole lot easier!😂
Thanks everyone! All of you were helpful :)
Try to make new friends be really nice and really make sure it's the right barn for you :)
Don't be shy to talk to the people at your new barn. Ask them questions like do you own the horse you are riding and what do they do like hunters, jumpers, eq if that's what you do. They ask you the same questions back and then you can compliment their horse and pony and stuff. Then voila you're friends! I hope this helps because this is what I did at my new barn!
Bake something, everyone likes cookies 😊 Good luck!
Try making new friends, get to now the horse, and just take your time and don't be nervous about it🙂
Ike scepanski how? I'm wondering what should I do to make friends and get to know people
Try to make new friends at your barn