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So I ride two times a week and all I have been doing is trot. Anyone know about how long it takes to start canter ?

So I ride two times a week and all I have been doing is trot. Anyone know about how long it takes to start canter ?
If you can ride without stirrups you are ready to canter but... you first need to ride more often and you will find that sometimes the horse will happen to canter. Follow it a little bit and relax and then take a breath, relax and think "trot". I also think that if you can trot a few circles without stirrups you will learn not to rely on reins to ride but your seat. Nothing is uglier than someone start cantering and then panicking to grab the poor soul in their mouth to stop.
As soon as you don't use the reins and the horse's mouth to balance - meaning that you can keep your weight in your heels and trot without holding onto reins at all, posting and sitting, I would say you're ready.
I had to be able to trot bareback (posting and seated) in order to canter with a saddle
I started cantering after 6 months I had to know my diagnal before my trainer thought me how to canter
It took me longer since I started riding when I was 3 years old so I don't really know how long it should take for you but I'm assuming mabe like 6 months
My coach didn't let me until like a year and a half into lessons and that really set me back and she should have let me start earlier. Now I'm a barrel racer and I show hunter under saddle and huntseat equitation all over the state of Texas and I have a bigger disadvantage
It depends on how comfortable you feel.If you feel comfortable try sitting trot with no styrupps (I fell off the first time I done it but you just need to get backup again) when you feel comfortable with this you can start cantering
It depends on how confident you are and how long you've been riding
It's however comfortable you feel! There's no right or wrong time to start cantering as long as you feel comfortable
It takes a while but you have to try to keep your leg tight
Try it just know when to start the canter and it's a bit scary at first but just try to find the rythem while ur horse is cantering
It really depends how comfortable you feel
It all depends on how comfortable you feel. You should start when you are ready. there is not really an exact point when you should choose to start.
It kinda depends where you are as a rider, it took me about a month to two months before I started cantering, I think.
It took me 6 weeks, although, I was taught by my uncle! That's how I have my horse! My family likes horses except my mum
It doesn't have a X amount of time, it's when you are ready, some people take a few weeks some people take months it depends on you, your balance, your position, how strong your legs are if you are already confident while riding
It depends how strong your knees are and how confident you are.