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Why are some show essentials?

Why are some show essentials?
Lint rollers, food, wster, money, extra clothes, leather cleaner, brushes
Brushes, show sheen, fly spray, food for you and your horse, extra clothes and boots so you don't get your show clothes and boots dirty when you are grooming your horse
Show sheen, hood polish, change of clothes and shoes, food and drinks. And of course, TREATS for your horse!!
show sheen, change of clothes, rain boots or old converse, lots and lots of water an gatorade(or something with electrolytes)
food for you and your horse, Water, change of clothes like shirts and breeches, first aid kit, some money, tack, and I like bringing leather conditioner or leather cleaner to clean my saddle, boots, bridle and all leather tack so it looks good when I go out to the ring.
snacks for the horse and you, buckets, water for both, money, first aid, a change of clothes, paper work, wash stuff ezxtra food for your horse, and brushes
First aid kit, snacks for you and your horse and buckets for water also have spare clothes. This is essentials on top of all you tack, grooming kits etc.