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Do you have any tips for getting my horses head down without draw reins?

Do you have any tips for getting my horses head down without draw reins?
If your horse throws his head up you can try martingale
You could try a training fork. It has really helped with my horse!
This is something that tends to take 6-12 months (or even longer) depending on the horse. I personally prefer to take my time and allow the horse to build muscle and top line before forcing a frame. A lot of the time people forget that the horse has to be physically capable of holding himself. It's more important for your horse to be moving forward and with a consistent rhythm than to have his head in and be hollow in the back. So for starters I for LOTS AND LOTS of stretchy work and transitions. And slowly over time start having the horse raise his head into your hands and develop a consistent contact. I've had my gelding for about 7 months and we are just now to the point where he is moving forward and reaching for contact. Draw reins can be useful in the right hands when teaching a young horse to stretch but I prefer a neck stretcher more than anything else! I hope this helps! If you have any more questions feel free to contact me! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Use leg to keep your horse going but pull on your reins at same time. Once your horse puts its head down release. It takes training but works
I try riding and in the trot ride into your hands if that makes sense not like pulling but really use your core and rise into your hands but also carry thrm, also try to pretend you are pushing his ears forward with your hands
Thank you all for your advice 😊
Flat work, lunging with side reins to build top line and muscle
work on natural collection & pressure and release. lots of bending & stretching to loosen up. really push into the bridle. feel free to dm me on Instagram (agilequines) for more exercises:)
Start with lunging your horse with side reins on! After they start accepting them, they will learn to accept the bit much easier when being ridden :)
You can use bungees
I in particular use my ring finger and wiggle my reins one at a time (i.e. Left right left right). If this does not work I quickly vibrate my inside rein (use your ring finger and massage quickly only on inside rein). I do this all while continuing to sit deep into my trot, canter, or walk and use my hips to drive the horse forward.
When I ride my pony o do a very gentle sit trot, open my reins to my knees and massage his mouth
i play with my outside rein then my inside rein very gently and open up my chest really wide
Forward work with a connection over the back and being up in the back by being forward and relaxing
While driving the horse forward, start to massage the reins with your fingers slowly right and then left. Kind of like a sponge. Your horse should begin to go onto the bit. When he goes onto the bit relax your fingers a bit and stop massaging, but keep a steady contact and feel the bit, to let him know he's doing what you are asking of him. When and if he starts it out his head up, remind him with the massaging. Hope I helped.
There is no particular way to put your horses head down if your horse likes his/her head up. I would use a draw rein if I were you but if you don't want to then you can try having your reins a bit lose so that the horse can have the freedom to move its head. Having long reins can also work. Put your hands forward so the horse feels a bit freer. But having a loose and long rein can be dangerous so just keep that in mind. Sry that it was long. Hope this helped!
give with you hands (let the reins go long and put your hands forward) and put leg on but control the pace with your seat