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How could you feel comfortable riding a horse that kicked you?

How could you feel comfortable riding a horse that kicked you?
My old mare did that because she didn't like half way down her back to her butt get touched and would kick and got me once she also didn't kick when we ride. You just have to show them who's boss which she figured out. And she is a draft mix so she is a big girl who would do this a lot until she found out I was boss. So u just need to show them who is boss.
I actually went through this situation once. Figure out why the horse did it. Maybe he/she spooked or something. Whatever it may be try to spend time with him/her on the ground to get used to each other and gain trust so it's easier in the saddle.
Don't worry about it , just forget it and he/she will probs forget
You just have to work through it and realize that sometimes stuff just happens. Also if it's any constellation they can't kick you if you are on their back.
Riding that horse multiple times
You just have to do it it might be hard but the only way to get your confidence back is to trust him again and face your fears. My horse kicked me and I was out for a good while but I was dying to get back in the saddle so I knew I needed to get back on him. Plus you need to realise he probably didn't mean to kick you
You have to tell yourself he didn't do it on purpose. Try to understand why he did it. Anyway riding him will help you to really connect
Just do it. Don't take it personally and let it upset you. Think of it as a fault in his training not as a stab in the back.
I know this might be hard but try to first understand why the horse might have kicked. If it was spooked then obviously it had a reason to kick. Maybe it was something you did to make him uncomfortable. Just gain back confidence and show the horse who is in control. Also, the horse might be just a kicker. in our barn, there is a horse that kicks all the time no matter what even though nothing is bothering him. Don't hate your horse for what he/she did. It always happens so just be confident and try gaining more trust.
Well, first of all, try to understand why the horse kicked you. If it was in fact towards you and it wasn't the horse spooking a bit, try doing simple things with the horse to build confidence and trust, and as you go you can adjust the difficulty accordingly.
Just build back confidence and trust your horse. I used to have a horse that would bolt and I was a little feardful of riding him until I got my confidence, trusted him, learned how to control him, and prevent him from bolting.