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What's the longest you have ever gone without riding?

What's the longest you have ever gone without riding?
3 weeks
My first "riding" experiences were once a summer, but then when I convinced my parents to let me really ride, once for two months because i chipped off a piece of my knee.
Almost 2.5yrs. I lost my heart horse and just didn't have the heart to get back in the saddle.
1 month, broke some ribs and had to wait a while.
About a year and a half to two years
2 months. I broke my leg
Two years because I lost a lease on my first pony
1 week... barely making it!!
Back when I was little we had summer breaks 😳😳😳lucaly those times are over
1 week
1 month! My horse hurt her foot buts she's fine now
2 weeks
To long
2 weeks
1month 😢
A few years.
I think about 2 months or so
6 months 😭. I was in between barns and I couldn't find one that was the perfect match. Thankfully, I've now found a barn that I absolutely love!
All winter 😬😬😬
three weeks :(((((
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