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What is the best breed for trail riding or begginer (for my mom)?

What is the best breed for trail riding or begginer (for my mom)?
I totaly agree with Reagan!🐴
Breeds don't really matter, it's all about the individual horse! Try an older, bombproof horse. A retired lesson/show horse is good and so are trail horses
Maybe a Tennessee walker or Quarter Horse in their teens
just get a calm bombproof older gelding. Most geldings are calmer that mares but some mares are really great too! If i was to reccomend a breed it would DEFINETLY be a quarter horse. Quarter horse are amazing for beginners but can also be ridden by expierienced riders. They are bred to do anything you really can think of! Hope this helped!😊
Any horse will do well Tennessee Walkers and quarter horses are my favorite some Arabs are great Missouri fox trotters are very sweet and kind minded.
Avoid the hotter breeds like arabs, saddlery, walkers, hackneys and SOME thoroughbreds.
Thanks guys
A calm and preferably a bit older in age. There really is no specific breeds that I can recommend because all horses are different and I don't really know much about the western world but you don't want to put a beginner on a green horse and also horse that bucks or rears or kicks (obviously). I hope you find a horse that you like!
Quarter horse/ pinto
Quarter horses are great for trail riding and beginner work
Quarter horses!
Quarter horse gelding preferably
there are many diferent breeds that could work, but quarter horse would be the best. the other good thing is quarter horses are good all-round horses. theyre normally up for pretty much anything
Quarter Horse
Quarter Horse for sure! They are so versatile and reliable
A calm quarter horse or a curly horse.
I agree with Hannah QH is also my go to as long as the horse is calm and forgiving and also make sure it is surefooted
QH is my go to, but any horse can be a good trail horse if they've been exposed to it enough
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