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What's your opinion on tail bags?

What's your opinion on tail bags?
I love them they are amazing in the winter time so their tail doesn't get muddy
I love them in the winter months when it's really muddy! I don't tend to use them in the summer bc I want the horse to be able to swish flies! Of course I use them before shows after I condition tails!
Tail bags are great for winter, early spring, and late fall. But don't use then during the summer because then your horse will become very irritated and verh unhappy; tails are a horses way of getting rid of the pesky bugs all around them
I like them because my mare is violent with her tail when it comes to swatting flys so she gets it stuck in everything. Now she doesnt
It works to keep their tail clean and that's about it! It's a life saver for white tails
Tail bag's are basically the only way to keep a horses tail clean. If you are going to a show etc a tail bag is a perfect tool to ensure one part of the horse stays clean 😂 It also stops the tail getting covered in shavings etc. Tail bags=best friend