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So I have a choice to make either ride the horse i love and not show or ride a horse i don't like and show and I don't know what to decide, what do you think of it?

So I have a choice to make either ride the horse i love and not show or ride a horse i don't like and show and I don't know what to decide, what do you think of it?
Ride the horse you love. I either had to stay with the horse I love and stay at 2'3 or move barns and be able to jump and show 3'+. I chose to switch barns because I was so fed up with the old barn (was at 2'3 for 4 years), and I miss the horse I love.
What horse u work better woth
Ride the horse you love. Make memories with the horse you love and can cherish. Not memories with a horse that doesnt mean much to you and isnt all you want to do.
Ride the horse you like! Why would you show a horse you don't like just for a $5 ribbon? Riding is about having fun and having good experiences, if you continually ride a horse you don't like you might lose the fun
Ride the horse you love. Why waste money on a horse you don't like? It won't be fun for anyone:(
Ok so i rode Dawson today and he is such a fun horse to ride and man he is work. He is so bouncy in the trot but in the canter he is a dream. I cant wait to jump him tho
i would go for the horse you love
I would ride the horse you love because that's what makes you happy and you probably have a great connection with that horse😊
Thanks I will and im super excited about this horse dawson and i feel like i CAN move on and the best part about Dawson is that no one rides him so i don't have to share him
Well good for you! Keep an open mind. If you really LOVE horses - you will find another love. It doesn't mean you love your first horse any less. You have a big heart and have room for tons of horses in it! Good luck and keep us posted.
I talked to my trainer more and we are going to try another horse named Dawson who I have never ridden before I'm a bit excited to cause he is kinda like the horse I love but then he's not at least that's what my trainer said
I would ride the horse you love but if the horse u don't like is a horse that you can grow as a rider on I'd say to ride that horse
Ride the horse you love. Being an equestrian isn't all about showing and winning, it's about the experience of riding. Just enjoy yourself and your horse :)
I would ride the horse you love. Enjoy riding. Don't make it about winning
I have kind of a similar situation happening (not exactly the same, but similar) and I'll tell you what my trainer told me, "This is where you have to make the hard decision, you either love your discipline or you love your horse. You can't always have both." ---Just something to think about, I'm not sure if it will help or not
I would ride he horse you love! There is always time for showing later on🙃
I just had this same problem! My fav. horse is slightly lame and older. My husband's horse is young and agile - but I wasn't in love with him - I loved my mare. I started riding him and he was so bumpy and not as comfy as my smooth mare. I honestly didn't think this was going to work. But over a few weeks - he won me over. I'm not sure when it happened, but I fell in love. He and I began working as a team and something clicked. He is an amazing horse and I wasn't giving him a chance. I just loved my horse and I thought that was it! I am so glad that I started riding him. He has jumped in shows and made me proud. We are a great team and I would have never found that out - if I didn't give him a fair chance. Good luck!
Ride the horse you love !!! Don't worry about showing, you have plenty of time to do that in the future, don't worry about showing. Just enjoy the time you have with the horse you like