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Does anyone else journal their rides or lessons?

Does anyone else journal their rides or lessons?
Yup! I've been journaling every ride so far since fall 2015, so it's super fun to look back at how I've changed.
I've started doing this! It really helps to remember what we've done week to week so that we can change it up and prevent it getting boring. Being a young horse it helps to see the improvement, I normally add a footnote if having did something really well or if there was a mishap. Cataloging everything would also help if he came up lame because I could show the vet exactly what his workload has been
Yup lol
No, but that's actually a good idea. A good way to show your progress
Definaitley! Right after a lesson I write down what my trainer told me to work on and sayings that I picked up on.
Oh yes, helps track your goals and plans
Yes I use The Pony App and it lets you keep track of everything rides, grooming, farrier, etc. I love it and it's super easy to use!
I don't but I always make a mental note to myself whenever I need to work on something specific.
No but I should start
I don't but I do write detailed reflections on shows
no, but i really want to start