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What is your opinion on Antares saddles?

What is your opinion on Antares saddles?
Realy good
They are good for some and bad for some. Saddles are a very personal, custom experience. If you enjoy a plush leather that is soft with a nice cushion under yourself in the seat, they suit you well. If you like deep stitches, they also suit you well. If you tend to be OCD and keep your tack very clean, they will have no problems for you. If you have good knowledge on what you need and what your horse(s) need, most saddle companies can help you, Antares included. Best of luck. Kristina ❤️
Leather is top quality, stays soft forever, a normal fitting one fits a variety of horses, but also most are custom fit to your horse. But overall the best saddle for me !
The. Best.
I have a Spooner and I love it
I use to ride HJ and I had two saddles from them that I loved! I also bought their bridle, girth, and martingale because of how much I loved my saddles 😊
There very comfortable but the leather is very delicate so if you don't have time to clean it almost everyday I don't recommend one, but if you do then I would get one
I've ridden in a friends a few times and it's so so comfortable and i liked the position it put my leg in
Con: they are expensive
Pro: they are very comfortable