Ask What kind of cancers horses can have? Is it possible to treat them?

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The horse can develop, like man, all types of cancers. Nevertheless, they have less impact. Is it due to a shorter lifespan than man? Or a less good diagnosis? Or better hygiene?

On the other hand, cancer is a malignant tumor with metatastic power (dissemination in the body of cancer cells), some tumors being called benign (local development only).

Among the tumors, there are:
- the cutaneous masses: sarcoids of Jackson (benin), squamous cell carcinomas (malignant) and melanomas (benign or malignant)
- the urogenital masses: sarcoids, squamous cell carcinomas, ovarian tumors or granulosa tumors (benign)
- the sinus masses
- internal noplasies: masses of the digestive or multisystemic system, lymphoma (malignant)

There are treatments like in man, carried out in specialized centers.
Treatments include surgery (surgical excision), chemotherapy (local), brachytherapy (eg for a squamous cell carcinoma of the third eyelid).
These treatments are sometimes in their infancy, with few means being used to develop them, and some specific treatments have to be carried out in specific centers.

Function of cancer, euthanasia can be the "treatment" of choice, especially because the pathology is very advanced and the prognosis dark. It makes it possible to limit the suffering of the animal.

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