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I have a fear to canter my horse now a days he tends to get hot and bolt. Any advice?

I have a fear to canter my horse now a days he tends to get hot and bolt. Any advice?
I would canter 2-4 strides then trot the do the same thing. Also don't get nervous just have fun bc the horse can sense how you feel sometimes
what i would do it canter him a couple strides then bring him back to the trot and then canter him again and then come back to the trot to get him listening to what you want. also you could make a ton of circles. sometimes i will make one circle to the inside then one circle to the outside this really gets them focused on you and what you want not just what they want to do
Have someone lunge you while cantering until you can get your confidence back...
Try asking him to canter and then bring him back after one or two strides, then gradually increase this all the while keeping calm and relaxed.
Do this until you canter canter half a circle and then do it the other way. Keep changing things up so that he doesn't get bored.
Start lunging
Try and canter him in an inclosed space like an arena or tire him put first
Lunge first
If you think he's too active lunge him for the next few times before you ride him this should help a lot! Hope it does!😁👍
Circles are your best friends
Sometimes it's good to even ride them while someone is lunging so you can just worry in speed not steering and he will get used to what speed you want
Canter him in a circle and if you feel him get even slightly faster make the circle smaller.
Try lunging before ur ride and even if u can't ride try to go and lunge him to help him burn off some energy or put him outside or even free lunge him if u can
Thanks everyone:);)))
Lunge him to get the freshness off and for him to be in the right mind set. When you're on him try constantly talking to him. Tell him "easy" or "woah" if he gets too fast or strong.
Try lunging him alot before you ride him!
Go in a round pen and longe then get on him if he bolts he doesn't have anywhere to go
Diddo on what Lucy said. I used to have a horse that would bolt and I would get really nervous before cantering. I just needed to stay calm and think clearly on how to stop him and how to prevent him from bolting. I would freeze and he would take advantage of me because he knew my weaknesses in riding. Sometimes singing your favorite song helps. Also, keep him in the bit or distracted and be precise on what you are asking him. Trust him, but really pay attention to him. He's watching every move you make, so you need to watch every move he makes and know the signs and stop him before he bolts.
I personally would lunge him first. Not to get him tired, but to see what he does during upward transitions himself, and it'll help get a bit of his craziness out. Maybe try picking up the canter, cantering a 3 strides, then halt immediately. This won't give him enough time to do anything, and it'll keep his focus 100% on you. I would highly recommend lunging him for a while just so you have a better piece of mind. I hope this helps. Happy riding!
Hi Madiya,
I'd work on canter transitions on a circle. If he speeds up without you asking, bring him back to trot. If he doesn't respond and feels like he's going to bolt, do very sharp turns and work on teaching him a one rein stop. If they're turning in a very tight circle, they can't go anywhere and will soon find it easiest to stop rather than bolt.
I'd also recommend doing lots of groundwork and lunging to get him focused on you before rides. Ensure he respects you and your cues, make sure he knows to slow when you ask. If he doesn't, speed him up and make him work harder. Make being relaxed a reward for him.
Although it can be nerving, especially when you've got a hot horse on your hands, it's best to stay calm by breathing, relaxing your shoulders and to always remember to give your horse clear cues. If you're nervous and accidentally telling him to go one way, then the other, etc he'll become confused and will bolt as a way to escape the pressure.
Hope this helps!