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Best gift to give to an equestrian??

Best gift to give to an equestrian??
Gift card to Dover or somewhere
Ecogold saddle pads! So amazing they'd for sure love it!!
It depends on how much you know about them and their riding. If you don't know too much, than tall socks, gift cards, belts, bracelets, etc. If you know them and their riding style pretty well, then I would also add to the list saddle pads, polo wraps, cute halters/lead ropes, horse treats, breeches, etc.
Vouchers or money to go internet shopping for some bargains!
Belt, breeches, saddle pad, gift card, bracelet with horses name or hair?
belt, a gift voucher or a saddle cloth
A horse! Jk.. probably some cute breeches or a belt. We seem to never have enough!
Saddle pad, belt, breeches, riding clothes, horse hair braclet
Tack shop gift card or visa gift card!!😊
Maybe a horse 😜
Visa gift card
Fun colored boots to match a saddle pad, or if your budget isn't very high try to find a nice bracelet. Maybe like the kind with mini bits or a charms
Get a gift card to a horse store. Trust me, will make their day
Saddle pad or c4 belt!!!!
We put together an equestrian holiday wish list via our blog ( which may inspire some of your own gifts!
I guess that pretty much depends on your budget lol
Horse hair bracelet
Stuff for there horses ( if they have one)