How often is it recommended to change your helmet?

Every 3 year or every 3 falls/ 1 bad fall.
I have had mine for years. Just replace it every time you fall and hit your head. If you dont hit your head when you fall it wont affect your helmet😊 Hope this helped!
4 years or if you fall off a lot of if you have a realling hard fall landing on your head
I've had mine for 2-3 years, and it still works great even though I have had many many many many falls with it. I just need a new one because it is so scratched and looks tacky right now.
Every 3-5 years or if you fall off and hit your head, this is because the protective materials in a helmet are designed to take a great amount of shock only once before needing to be replaced in order to properly protect your head
I had my last helmet for 5 years! It just depends if you had a bad fall or you just grew out of it
Every time you have a head fall
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