Has anyone worn or have ridden in the kerrits klassic flow rise tight? Or any breeches of the Kerrits brand?

Yes and I love mine dearly!!
Yes I have...almost all of my breeches are Kerrits
yes, i always used to wear the flow rise tights (before i discovered the amazingness of tailored sportsman and actual breeches lol). they are v comfy but definitely don't look all that professional, which is an important value @ my barn.
Yes and I am obsessed😍
I've got a couple of pairs and I love them. Very comfortable. Especially the flow rise ones 👌🏻
Yes, supper comfy for casual riding, I used to be obsessed with them.
Yes, I love them so much!! Very breathable and comfortable!
Yes! I have had mine for years and i love them!! Super comfy and breathable! Hope this helped!
They show underwear lines like no ones buisness and they just aren't that good quality in my opinion
Yes I have had mine for like 3 years and love them soooooooo much
I love mine but they are a little hard to get over my feet when putting them on
I have fleece ones, and they are thin and breethable for summer but super warm in the winter I absolutely love them!!!
Yes they are amazing I wear them 24/7 in the summer
Yes super comfortable go to for summer but not the nicest looking in terms of tucked it shirt and belt I have like 8 pairs lol
Yes and I absolutely love them! They are so breathable and can be wore in summer and winter(with extra layers). Plus they are affordable! The only thing I don't like about them is they don't have belt loops:(
What don't you like about them?
Yes not a huge fan
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