I have a tendency to lean forward when I get nervous does anybody have and tips of suggestions?

I find if my legs are not relaxed I'll tip forward. If I relax my leg my body follows
Thanks grace i will try it i did nit think of that thanks
You could try putting a whip in-between your arms at your back (it feels rlly uncomfortable at first)
All ways shoulders back I no someone who does that! Just all ways lean back!👍😁
I try to keep my shoulders back and elbows touching your sides.... until u get the hang of it.... I'm 13 I have that problem to😃
It is a habit
Keeping your shoulders up is tricky to get used to at first, but it is key! If you're approaching a fence and need more energy, leg & heels down is always the answer. Try very hard not to lean your shoulders, it can be a very bad habit when you start jumping bigger fences! :)
I have the same exact problem Maggie! Just really focus on pulling your shoulders back and keeping your heels down. You also have to learn how to keep your hip angle open😊 Hope this helped!😊
Thank you all i will try all of these
keeps your heels down, your eyes up, and keep your shoulders back
I had the same problem for a long time when I was younger and I still have problems with it occasionally now too. It really takes a while to overcome but I would recommend doing a lot of transitions practicing sitting up while having someone watch you.
Thanks i will definitely try that its hard because my ponys head is short so he pulls thanks so much
Make sure you legs aren't swinging back or forward also strengthen​ your core and legs
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