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Anyone have any suggestions on some good front boots for jumpers?

Anyone have any suggestions on some good front boots for jumpers?
equifit d-teq boots! they got true to size and are super protective open front boots but they do rub their hair a little bit :(
Eskadron or Veredus
Equifit, zandona
Equifit, veredus, and eskradon
Woof brand.
Veredus Olympus! Or slightly cheaper the Premier Equine ones!
Roma or temprance park
Roma is good too
Thin line
My horse started to bald around his legs from the neoprene and also I found that the another pair - the neoprene memory foam got small and the boot dropped down. Just found some new Zealand sheepskin in Australia that were reasonable *I'm in Canada. I ordered Equinenz - Open Front Jump and Equinenz - Wool Lined Fetlock . All are made from sheered wool from new zealand. They are awesome so far. And the wool seems to be great at wicked wetness. I bought on line for front and back boots $143 Canadian including shipping - canadian money is almost a par with Australian money. There was $14 at pick-up put on my the tariff. But they are well made and wool seems to agree with him. Not so sweaty and wicks. Easy clean. Hope this helps someone
Personally, I love shedrow open front boots for jumpers and they last forever!