Yesterday I noticed a spur rub on my horse's side. What is the best way to prevent it and fix it?

to prevent, i'd use an equifit bellyband. to treat, i'd use corona cream. if it looks dirty, clean it out w betadine, iodine, or hydrogen peroxide. if the rub looks deep, this could be a result of you using the spurs incorrectly, so if you are at all unsure, ask your trainer.
Don't constantly use spurs and when u use them don't always be using them on your horses side
Vetricyn will help clear up the spot!
Buy him a thin belly band! Not one that is too thick or else he'll boil this summer
Belly band and leave a spur patch when clipping
A belly band
There is rubber balls u can put on ur Spurs to help with that. I had a horse who I had trouble with rubs of my spurs.
You can get a saddle pad on smartpak that has a longer Velcro flap that goes down that far
You can get spur guards to help with spur rubs if your horse is naturally sensitive! I know some people will say you're using your spurs to hard but some horses just have extremely sensitive skin!
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