I just got a saddle and my horse is still getting dry spots by her withers. I had it re panels twice and still having trouble with dry spots. Is there any thing I can do?

your saddle doesn't fit, get a saddle fitter. if the saddle is too narrow, it is pinching your horse and causing unnecessary pain. You will need a saddle fitter to help you. If it is too wide a half pad may get the job done, but you should still go to a saddle fitter as a half pad should only be a temporary fix. what's more important, your new saddle or your horse's comfort
the ogilvy memory foam half pads are amazing! they are a little pricey but i've had mine for over a year now and its held up great :) :)
Thickening up on pads could help fill space
Use a squishy half pad pad.
It might be too far forward. Move it back
I understand but you need to get it fitted by a saddle fitter Bc the saddle most likely doesn't fit and she/he could tell you to get a new saddle or what type of half pad to use that would make your sadddle properly fit
You could always try a shimable half pad or a riser pad. If your unsure of where you need the support and how much consult with a saddle fitter, trainer, chiropractic, etc. so they can help you get the best fit for your horse.
I just got the saddle. It is a used saddle. And it's a devoucoux tho. I tried few different saddles and the devoucoux was the one was better then the others I tried. @ on_the_horses_back
Get it fitted by a saddle fitter. You may need a new saddle
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