We dont have crossties and my barn... so my horse doesnt stand still while grooming ot tacking up he likes walking around😹
What shoulf I do to keep him still?

Don't tie just have loose rope over a fence and have the horse standing alone a fence row so he can't move over with you on the other sid
Buy crossties
Oh He doesn't like standing still. Well after you complete something like half the grooming tools, walk him in a couple circles, maybe back him up a few steps. Then come back, finish and repeat. Then once you get the saddle and girth on walk him again and then the breastplate and boots, walk him again and repeat after the bridle. Then walk him or ride him to the arena:)
The barn I go to has hooks in the stall and you can tie your horse up there, or, if your horse is spooky like mine, just slip the lead rope through to about an arm's length to forearm length (this is without tying) or use a quick release knot or trailer knot and tie at the hooks arm's length away. Or wrap the lead line around a post.
If you want a short term fix if you hang up I hate it that might Take his attention
If he doesn't like to be tied then that's something you should probably work on. Or spend hours to get him to stay still without being tied down
He doenst like being tied to something
Tie him to a fence or to a bar on one of the stalls!
I usually take my horse outside and tie her to the fence! With a quick release knot tho
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