What are fun jumping exercises for not rushing over fences?

Practice a lot on flat work and ground poles'! Also place a small vertical or cross rail jump and put a pole 2-3 human steps away from the jump on either side. Start off trotting it then Once that is perfected slowly move into the canter! Try not to rush into anything and if your pony is still a but rushy try and halt on a straight line after the jump!!:) After a while and you've perfected all of that you can start setting small lines with a pole in front of the first jump and after the last jump!!:)
Doing a lot of gymnastics lines and putting poles one stride before the first jump and one stride after the last jump
halt a few feet in front of the jump and then trot over
Try and walk a single cross rail or fence with place pole 2.4m. You can put the fence up to 1.20 if you want to make it fun.
Grids!there a lot of fun too!
Trot fences/ grid work
Grid courses would work
Pole one stride out then a cross rail then another pole one stride out on back side
grids would probably do good
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