Okay so I really really want to show but my parents aren't in to it, any ideas to help convince them?

Offer to pay for show fees, or gas money, or if your trainer has a coaching fee, offer to pay that. My parents are more willing to say i can go to a show if im willing to cover the cost, even part way
Pros and cons list, explain to them why you want to do it, explain how it could help you and your horse, or ya know just say it's better than spending money on drugs 😂
You include the benefits of you growing up just like responsibility, experience, confidence and if you want to to be you'd job in life or something based around showing
Muck out a plenty stables everyday, come home smelling like pony and dirty as hell. Maybe you'll convince them based on work ethic. If that doesn't work then they might relent If you agree to come home with less gunk on your noggin 😁/in your hair/on your toesh.
I would include the benefits of growing as a person: responsibility, confidence etc. also would say how you will meet new lifelong friends. The experience will help you create an opportunity for future jobs as well. @ana S
@racheld what kind of things would you include on the list?
Pros and cons list. Works every time haha
Show them how your progressing and tell them you want to take it to the next level... competing!
I would have you parents talk to your trainer about it and that may help convince them!
You could say you're a competitive person and you could have the chance to make new memories and meet new people to make your equestrian community larger for support, friends, etc. also, it could be a good way to see how you are improving and what needs to be worked on. (Mostly make it sound extremely beneficial towards you and your riding, yknow?) mkay hope that helped! Good luck
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