Does anyone have any tips for my first show? I have one coming up pretty soon. I did lead line when i was really little but i dont really remeber too much of it😂 Thanks!

Thanks so much everyone!!
The more you smile the more the judges like you (I'm convinced after 6 years of showing that way), plus it makes your pictures look 100x better
Just enjoy it. Everybody is more worried about themselves than to watch you ride. #typicalridernarcisism
Don't get nervous it will transfer to your horse! Stay calm! You will do great!
Have a good nights sleep and trust your horse. Eat something because you don't want to be hungry. I would recommend eating bananas. Make sure you know the course and just relax. I wish you luck :)
Don't let the nerves take over. Just have fun! The rounds go by fast. And study your courses a lot!
Don't forget to eat and drink if it's going to be hot! Everything flies by in a blur and you are (quite literally) along for the ride. You know your job and (hopefully) so does your horse. If you're riding babies that's another story 😆
When you are walking into the arena go by the judge and say good morning, or afternoon, or evening. They love that!! However don't do it once the class has started and you are being judged. Also make sure to smile!! That's also very important!!😄 Hope this helps!!😊😊 Goodluck, you'll do great!❤️😊
Thanks so much Kayla!😊
Don't be nervous judges can tell when you are😂 Keep your heels down and eyes up. Don't except to place high, it's your first show and many more to come. And most importantly, don't be mad at your horse, believe or not they are trying😂
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