ASK Ravene : What shampoo and conditioner should I use on my horses tail to make it thicker?

Hi! My sister uses BioMane and it works miracles! Seriously!
I used a shampoo that was Argan oil based & cowboy magic. It helped shine and detangle, but to get a longer thicker tail don't loose hair. I try to brush my horses tail as rarely as possible (and I see the results)! Maybe get a tail bag and after treatment to the hair, tuck it away so the hair needs to be brushed less often.
Hello Cierra,

To wash your horse’s tail, you have 3 shampoo types at your disposal :

-EASY SHINE SHAMPOO : the shampoo to make every horses’ tail shine
-EASY SHINE GREY : th shampoo especially made for grey and light horses, it removes yellow stains
-EMOUCHINESHAMPOO : made to help the horse fight flies and insects during summer

All of our shampoos are made specifically for horses to respect their sensitive skin.

Then, we have our EASY SHINE conditioner. Riders love it and its smell is very pleasant.

In the end, to give more thickness and brightness, the final touches : TECHNIGLOSS! It gives thickness, brightness and flexibility to the to the horsehair.

Hope it helps :)
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