I recently broke my wrist, so I can't ride for about two months. What are some fun things to do with your horse on the ground?

And the parelli games!! Aka The Friendly games!
Go on a walk around the farm
Read together
Have fun
And bond!
I love Doing things on the ground with Alea.
Everything you were doing with your horse except riding it.
Hi! I broke my back in 3 spots after a fall off my horse(this was back in January and I'm now healed yay! Started riding again about 2 weeks ago) BUT ANYWAYS during the almost 6 months that I couldn't ride these are things that I did with my horse!

-free lunge/jump
-took him on walks (just like a dog aha, horses are curious animals and love getting to see new places, plus any time spent with your horse is bonding time so they will love that you are there!
-I would bring a lunch or a snack to the barn and I would just sit on the ground next to my horses stall while I eat and just talk to him, like I said any time spent with your horse is bonding time and they really do enjoy you being there.
-you could also go in the arena and try running around or kicking a ball or dancing and it may seem weird but your horse might start "playing" with you

I hope this gives you some ideas!! I hope for a fast and easy recovery for you!
Liberty, bathe your horse, lounging, and maybe braids mains and try new braids
Liberty! Free lounging!
Long lining is a great way to keep your horse in shape if you can't ride.
if it's safe, free lunging maybe in a round pen, to keep him exercising. Also liberty and grazing
grooming. look into clicker training, my pony loves it!
Grooming, treats, cuddles, kisses
Liberty and grooming
Check out the parelli 7 games. It's all groundwork and will help out in the long run. An effective way to continue your training!
Some tricks maybe
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