How does a halter class work? And how should the horse be presented?

Yes as long as it's not super blingy I just use a basic leather halter
@paigepolacik Can I have a fake tail in the horse I'm showing and what type of halter? Would a blingy showmanship halter be acceptable?
I have done one halter class show and you decide your horse in to "quarters" you can not be in the same quarter as the judge but you must only be one quarter away. You can also only be in the front two quarters. You must ALWAYS be obeying the quarters rules. The judge will call you up by your number evaluate your horse (confirmation, grooming, etc.) then the judge will send you to do a small pattern (walk/trot/stop/back) then you will come back to the judge, they will then send you to the other side. *when you go to turn make sure you turn your horse away from you* Good luck!
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