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What is the use of a figure 8 bridle?

What is the use of a figure 8 bridle?
A figure 8 or grackle nosband is used to prevent a horse from crossing its jaw over and avoiding contact or the bit, this type of noseband only works when applied correctly so always ask for help from a trainer or knowledgeable person the first time you use one to make sure you have it fitted correctly.
From what I wasn't taught the figure eight was designed for certain pressure points on the horses nose. It helps even out the pressure in comparison to a flash. If you have a horse that constantly raises his head before the jump or constantly opens his mouth this bridle prevents the horse from pulling against you as much. Of course everyone has different views on the purpose behind the setup!
The most use figure 8 are cross country or show jumper.
Improves breathing
I have been told by many people only do it once your doing 85cm plus cross country as they are designed for that to help the horse breath better and open up the wind pipes to help them recover faster
How do you know when you use one.
To keep the horses mouth closed