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Warmbloods or Thoroughbreds? Your favorite and why?

Warmbloods or Thoroughbreds? Your favorite and why?
Thoroughbreds just really because that's what I grew up riding. The first horse that I helped to train was a tb.
I love Warmbloods beause i find they move "more gracefully" and they look abit more "bulky" than Thoroghbreds, but if your looking for an energetic horse i would go for a Thorughbred.
Have had many of both. Thb's are the ultimate athlete. WBs cannot exists without thb in them. Hence I've had very relaxed thb's and very hyper WBs. Only difference is that WBs are specially bred for their chosen field hence retaining soundness and delivering brilliant performance in those fields. Won't see many 100% WBs competing at Olympic Xcountry but will also not see many thb's competing in the 1,60 GP. Career specific.
Warmbloods. They are more comfy, better movers, and they seem to be able to do any discipline. All personal to me though.
@jenniferterrazas I am also in the industry too
I personally prefer a thoroughbred but granted I haven't had the opportunity to ride many warmbloods besides a couple vs I grew up in the thoroughbred industry and have done everything with them from on track to retraining them. I just find they typically have more heart and are more willing to work. They enjoy a job more than any breed I've ridden.
THOROUGHBREDS lol. I think they have a lot more spunk than your average Warmblood and you really have to work on your riding. Now I'm not saying every Warmblood is a push button but generally thoroughbreds are a wildcard and I love it
Warbloods are more of a steady type. You kinda know what you get. Thoroughbreds can either be insane or absolutely lovely! If you find a good thoroughbred, it would be put on top for me, but on average I am a warmblood girl!
I would say both. Because I got both and thoroughbreds r really Smart. Warmbloods have a lot of jump to them.
Agree with @reaganholman
thoroughbreds! so much heart and very, very athletic. not to mention versatile! thoroughbreds can excel in both English and western disciplines. Don't get me wrong, I adore warmbloods (my current mare is a warmblood) but thoroughbreds have my heart ❤️