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What colour looks the best for a bay horse?

What colour looks the best for a bay horse?
Turquoise, blue, green, red wine, etc.
Pink black blue
Honestly... white and black, navy goes with every horse. Keep it simple!
if you are thinking a dappled grey then maybe blue,even grey or white, and if you are thinking just grey(white) then i would go with baby blue, mint green, or hot pink
All light colours in general
Blue white
Mint green and a light blue
I think royal blue and navy :)
Red and/ or royal blue look amazing
I used to use purple on a mare, but I now use teal and white for my gelding
everything looks good on bay tbh! I love classy colors like navy, hunter, black and white. the only color I don't like on bays (excluding dark bays) is red but that's just my personal opinion
Lighter colors
Bright green

Burgundy or hunter green
Purple,hunter green, maybe red. Red will bring out more red out of ur bay color.
Almost any. If you want a classic look I would go with navy, hunter green, or burgundy. If you want a more dramatic or less traditional look, purple or red looks great. I would definitely stay away from orange though. Have you ever thought about patterns?