It's reaching 30*C where I live and I'm wondering, are there any alternatives to jodhpurs, which are pretty thick and are very uncomfortable to wear in heat like this?

Yes in fact there is, you can try these riding tights. They are soooooo good and I only ride in them. You can get some with sticky grips on the bum of it so you grip to your saddle. The brands you can get are Kerrits, Dublin and performer ride
Honestly I go to under armour and I get pairs of workout pants because a lot of them are breathable and light. Some also are for keeping cool and not hot.
Kerrits are the best!
I ride is exercise pants when it's really hot. They wick moisture away and are super light weight.
If it gets hot enough I wear shorts and full chaps, still hot but you can take them right off when you're done and it's great
You can try riding tights! The brand Kerrits makes good ones from what I've heard.
I ride in leggings and track is bottoms when it gets warm
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