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What to wear on a hot hot day to ride?

What to wear on a hot hot day to ride?
Dry fit shirt👍
the thinnest pair of breeches you have and a tank top or a riding top with ventaltion. This might just be me but riding bare back dosent make me sweat as much😂
i love the lululemon swiftly short sleeve tee! it's super light weight and sweat wicking. it's pricey but in my opinion super worth it :))))
Tank tops
I usually just wear leggings and an exercise top but I do have a really nice pair of thin Dublin jodhpurs that aren't hot to ride in at all😊
I recently bought a few tank tops from iviva and I love riding in them!
get some thin breeches or wear breeches that come out in leggings. wear paddock boots instead of tall boots and wear a thin, comfortable, loose t-shirt.
I LOVE kerrits icefill! I live in florida and they are my fav!
Even though I usually wear breeches and tall boots they make me really hot so skinny jeans and tall boots or paddock boots with a loose tank top is comfy:)
Jodhpurs and tank top with and open back
I love my Kerrits shot sleeve ice fill! :)
Tank top and leggings