What are good quality English jumping saddles under 700$ brown leather *not synthetic*?

Try a used saddle! A lot of times they are better anyways bc they are already broken in haha! Pessoas are my personal favorite as far as a saddle that will work for a lot of different horses! I currently own a CWD, which I find to fit best to me but are more of a "one horse" saddle! Just take a few on trial and find the one that's best for you!
Got my AMAZING Bruno De Heusch saddle. I absolutely love it and used they range from 600-2000 ish
A used Henri de Rivel. Bought mine brand new for $995 so a good used one could be in your price range!
Silver fox saddles are really nice. Super cheap but hold up as long as you take care of them. Also super comfortable when broke in.
Try English Tack Trader on Facebook many beautiful used saddles for great prices.
M. Toulouse, HDR and circuit are good. They are normally in the $1000 range so buy one used
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