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When I try to put the bridle on one of the horses I ride, he sticks his head up so I can't reach it. What can I do to get his head to stay down so I can put his bridle on?

When I try to put the bridle on one of the horses I ride, he sticks his head up so I can't reach it. What can I do to get his head to stay down so I can put his bridle on?
I teach all my little lesson kids to hold the middle of the bridle, this way you can hold the bridle and have your hand placed against the horses face, put the bit into mouth and slide you hand holding the bridle up and the hand that was holding the bit, now take the top of the bridle to put in the horses ears.
My horse use to do the same thing I don't know how to explain it but you check EVENTIONTV on YouTube they made a video about annoying young horse habits and they show how to put the bridle on a horse which puts their heads up while trying to put the bridle on them. Hope it helps. 😊😊
Teach vertical flexion at the poll. Applying pressure to the poll and as soon as he lowers it, release. After he gets the hang of this you can use this to bridle with his head lowered! Hope this helped!
I never have an issue with putting a bridle on when I use this method: I hold the bridle by the crown, which is the very top part. Place the reins over the horses head. While holding the crown, place that hand in between the horses ears. Guide the bit near the horse's mouth. If they refuse to take the bit, slide your finger into the corner of their lip and press down on their gums, they have no teeth here so it's okay to press! they should accept the bit and should not throw their head around. I never have an issue when I use this method
you said he's a horse you ride, is he a lesson horse?
your horse is bit sour. One problem I've seen is when people take the bit out of the horses mouth they just pull off the bridle rather than going slowly and allowing the horse to spit it out. If the bit is too harsh or you are constantly pulling on his mouth while riding he will not want to carry the bit. It's quite simple, your horse associates the bit with pain or discomfort so he does whatever he can to prevent that feeling. The problem may not be your fault, you may have bought him his way or someone else rides him or whatever, I do not know his situation. If you are kind when taking the bit out so it doesn't clank his teeth, he wears a soft bit (even if it's just a snaffle, check for pinching and make sure it fits or it can do a lot of harm) and you ride in soft hands then do what the other comments have said. the pressure and release method. hope this helps ;)
I usually give a small treat like a sugar cube when they take the a reward
In addition to what the others have said you could try this; When you go to bridle have your hand (holding the top of the bridle) between his ears at the poll area. That way you can use your arm to keep the horses head down as you slide the bit into the mouth. Hope this helps ❤️❤️
Paris's advice is perfect but I would also like to add that you can pull his head towards you so he can't lift it up and far.
Hi Julia

What should do is use pressure and release. Everytime he puts his head up and refuses to take the bit, put pressure on his nose ( use a halter and lead rope ) tell he takes the bit with his head down then release right after he takes the bit and puts his head down.Hope this helps:)