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Ask @harcour : Are you inspired by non-equestrian brands?

Ask @harcour : Are you inspired by non-equestrian brands?
Hello Jack,

Harcour wants to offer clothes in line with current trends. That’s why the brand takes his inspiration from details of the fashion industry as much in the big chains of prêt-à-porter than in the fashion shows, to offer you trendy outfits.

Every item is thought in the idea to offer modern clothes made for everyday life. For Harcour accompanying you everyday.

Beyond the consideration given to every detail, Harcour insist on the importance of the merchandising in our partner saddleries. Merchandising is the art of knowing how to present and promote the products within our shop. We also insist on this concept in horse shows and propose to our clients a particular furniture to organize the products and for the stand to look like a real prêt-à-porter shop.

To sum up, Harcour takes his inspiration from big chains of prêt-à-porter for its collections, but also in the concept of merchandising. And of course, we stay informed of the last trend, we also watch luxury fashion shows to know the last colours or cuts in vogue.

To see our collections : meet us on our website :

See you very soon,
Harcour team