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Ask @harcour : Will you increase the horse’s products range?

Ask @harcour : Will you increase the horse’s products range?
Hello Alexia,

Thank you for your question. Harcour is indeed the specialist of the rider's equipment : breeches, socks, competition polo, parka, ..

We already offer some products for the horse's equipment in our permanent collection and in our season collection.

For example, the Harcour saddle pads are part of our best sellers and we also offer halters, polos, ear-net, ...
You will find in the winter 2017 collection new saddle pads, training rug, rugs, ...

Before offering more equipment for your horse, we first want to become expert of this market. We are permanently looking for new fabrics to make the saddle pads lighter, softer, comfortable and absorbent.

I hope it answers your question, you can find all of our products in our website, permanent collection :
and season collection :

The Harcour team