Ask @harcour : Do you see a difference between the equestrian style in the US and the one in Europe?

Wow, I never thought there would be so much differences between countries! Thank you for your answer :)
Hi Maddy,

Thanks for your question. Of course we do and not only for the US. When we launch our collections in any country we have to adapt to the local differences.

Harcour is a very young band, created in 2014 in France, but we are already implemented in 25 countries via 600 partner shops. For the example we noticed that grey and beige breeches were very hard to sell in France but actually it's one of our best seller in the US. The fashion is very different.

In other countries for example in China we faced sizes issues as people are smaller. In Australia and New Zealand it's more about the weather, they don't appreciate the winter collection as we do in France ;)

But anyway the US is still a country we want to discover. We have some partner shops but we will focus on your market for the upcoming seasons. I will have more elements to answer you in a few months, we keep in touch :)

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