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I have been riding for over 11 years and I have worked at a barn for over 5 years I am finally buying my first horse. Any advice for first time horse owners?

I have been riding for over 11 years and I have worked at a barn for over 5 years I am finally buying my first horse. Any advice for first time horse owners?
Used the same vet as his previous owner so I already had a vet and a farrier
Just be careful with who you are talking to because I had a friend who actually got stalked by a guy because she was telling him the time and the days she worked at the barn so after she bought the horse she was stalked but then they arrested him but just saying not to get you scared but just letting you know what kind of idiots there are out there. Good luck with your first horse. 😊😊
I would ask the seller if you can ride the horse for a week at your barn because sometimes they can give them medication that last for a week or a month. If they act weird when you ask them then there may that be something wrong. I have had TERRIBLE experiences with buying horses because they had the medication then 30 days later they turned into a bronc horse.
Thank you so much for all of your wonderful advice! Everyone is so helpful and it really helps me understand where I need to go from here:)
Make sure you buy with a trainer there with you. Don't go off and buy a horse without an opinion from your trainer.
Thank you for all the amazing advice!!
I have part boarded him for 3 years by my barn is closing so I am buying him because he fits what I need to fulfill my future goals with. I have a vet, multiple vet numbers as well,a farrier and I am buying his tack with him:)
You should already have a vet and farrier before purchasing. Have multiple vets numbers, just in case there is an emergency and your main vet is gone or unable to come. You should also already have a place to keep him or her and have everything planned out. Do not buy a saddle until after buying your horse and make sure it fits him properly. Keep in mind that while something may seem expensive, it is usually cheaper than vet or farrier bills. Keep some spare money in the bank specifically for medical emergencies. Going along what Lucy said, make sure you get what you are wanting. If you want a green horse/a challenge, go for it but make sure you don't get over your head. If you want a school master, find the right one. Most importantly, have fun! It's your first horse! Have fun with him/her ❤️
Honestly, the best advice I can give is to ensure you buy the right horse for you. All horses have a range of personalities, dislikes and habits. If you know you're after a schoolmaster, do not buy a green horse unless you know you are dedicated and have the patience, time and money to bring it on.
Know that when buying your first horse, adverts will often boast about their horses impeccable manners and how perfect they are to ride. However, it's important to remember that this person has already (or may not have fully) earned their horses respect. When you buy a horse, you need to earn their respect ASAP, otherwise it is all downhill from there. Prove to him you are a leader and a trustworthy owner. Only then will you both have a wonderful relationship and only then will your horse be willing to work with you.
Make sure you have everything you need, including a stable, time to ride and do the jobs required, tack, other equipment, etc.
Also, horses need time to settle in to their new homes. Give him time to socialise with other horses, getting to understand his surroundings and allow him to learn about you before hopping on his back.
Good luck!