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Ask @harcour : How often do you launch new products?

Ask @harcour : How often do you launch new products?
Hi Daryl,

Harcour has three collections, the Essential one, dedicated to the equestrian practice, the Techline Collection created for the sport in general and the Seasonal one, which is always launched in limited edition.

Therefore, we are used to launch new products twice a year, for the Winter Collection and for the Summer one. Each item of both collections is created in limited edition. This includes breeches, sweaters, socks, but also saddle pad, bracelets, bags and the items of the Techline Collection which changes according to the season.

We also focus on the Essential Collection and products are always redesigned to fit your needs especially when those ones evolve at the same time as the sport practice.

Regarding innovation we are going to launch our air bag jacket in July. This jacket differentiate from the others because you wear it above the air bag to stay elegant. Further more the jacket and the airbag are severable which means that you can wear your jacket without the airbag and vice versa.

In the next upcoming months you are going to unveil our summer line. We design a full competition range especially for children aged of 7 and more.

Harcour really wants to offer modern items that meet the current trends and that is why we launch very often new products.

I hope that my answer has been helpful.
If you need more information here are all the collections:

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