My horses fur is still very long and I'm
Going to get her clipped but the person doing the clipping said greys typically have longer fur is this true?

That's a myth
No I have a gray, and haven't clipped her for 2 years and my friend has a bay(hasn't clipped for 2 years) and he is hairier than my horse.
I have a grey at my barn, and his fur isn't longer than any of the other horses.
I also live in California. It takes my mare like 2 hours to dry even if I hardly hose her down. Yesterday her fly sheet and fly mask was making her sweat this heat is cr
No I have 2 greys myself. It's just a lot easier to see dirt and stains... ect. Don't worry about not shedding out one of my greys still hasn't shedded out on his face and I live in California it's not because he's a grey it just looks that way
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