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How do i easily break into tall boots?

How do i easily break into tall boots?
Spray anywhere that is tight with rubbing alcohol and then wear the boots until dry. I broke my boots in in two days by doing this.
Put them on and stand in bath water with them on then after a few min of standing walk around in them for about 20 minutes. Then take them off and put them in the sun to dry. After they are dry oil and condition then well
Hi, I broke in new boots recently. I would really recommend walking around as much as you can during your free times at your house. It really helped me softened them aswell as using oil and soap. Hope it helps
Use a saddle soap or neats foot oil to soften them up and then wear them all the time. Stand on a staircase and let your heel drop down. Also, wear them while you ride. By doing this I broke mine fully in within 3-4 weeks.
When your wearing them, stretch your heel down because the crease between your foot and your leg in the front is the place it normally hurts the most. Walk around a lot in them and circle your foot around. Also, I've heard that wearing really thick socks or doubling your socks up while breaking them in is good
Wear them all the time like when you're at home and have nothing to do wear them. Also try to sweat in them it'll help break them in