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When do you deal with hot summer days?

When do you deal with hot summer days?
Short rides that work mentally more than physically. Lots of walking, and definatly a hose off after a ride
And hose off after the ride
Ride early morning. A horses ideal temperature is around 60. You could also ride bareback.
Think about winter, how awful it is to ride head to toe in a mass amounts of clothing to the point you are stiff and have trouble using your aids correctly. Then hot summer days seems swell.
Early morning rides
I love kerrits ice fill riding pants!
I dunk my face in my horse's water bucket after I fill it up. 😂😂
Water and wash stalls are not only for horses😂😂😂 but if you want to avoid that too, wake up early and get your work done in the morning. Or go to the barn in the envening. Make sure to keep in mind that your horse feels the same way you do, so wash them off and cool them. If the day is not super hot, you could hack out and play in a water complex (if you have one)
I live in Arizona so it gets very hot! (Yesterday was 122°F) I ride my horse around 5-6am to beat the heat and rinse her down after. I rinse all the horses at the barn several times a day and bring ice treats at least once a week. I make sure my horse is nice and cool before putting her back and always bring water for me and my horse so we can drink after rides. My horse is out of shape so we are not taking it easy this summer, however her comfort comes first so riding in the morning and lots of rinsing down have done the trick. Sometimes I rinse her legs, chest and neck down before riding but it usually isn't necessary.
Hope this helped,
At least you don't have horse camps in them which is like 9 hours long
It's best to ride in the morning because it's cooler. But if during the day, wear light tops and breathable breeches, I suggest the Kerrits ice fill breeches. And drink plenty of water!!! When riding take a lot of breaks because your horse is doing a lot of work too, so don't forget about that. Hope this helps😉
I ride in the morning
I ride in the morning or at night.
Hi Hannah,
In the summer I deal with the heat, myself, by wearing tank tops and light colored breeches. I make sure to stay hydrated and take breaks. For the horse, I try to ride in shade and do not make the workouts as difficult. I try to limit the heavy breathing. (Such as not working her by loping around thousands of times) I do little, but still important things such as showmanship.