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Any advice on riding green horses?

Any advice on riding green horses?
Try to be calm so the horse is calm start out slow and be confident:)
Do all your ground work. Make sure you have the horses attention and respect. Make sure he flexes and stops
Be patient
Build their confidence. The more confident they are the faster they will progress!
Patience, patience, patience, LOL
stay calm and believe in the horse
you really have to be patient and very confident. if you aren't feeling confident and maybe your a little scared they can pick up on it and act even worse
Be patient with them, give them time, be confident
Patience definitely helps! I also find it useful to wear back protection when I'm on a green horse. Sort of like an eventing vest. Ground works is key. The most important thing is to always end on a good note.
Make sure you are comfortable and feel safe!👍🏻
Be patient and make a routine
I recently got a green horse lol. Make sure you have your horses attention because they haven't seen everything yet and if they do see something they don't know they can spook. Also be patient with them too
My horse if very green and hot! Patience and experience is important. I lunge my horse before every time I ride. I also make sure if he gets scared keep his legs moving the longer they focus on the thing that's scaring them the worse it gets. I hope this works and also bonding time works to I did a lot with my horse and he trusts me rlly well now! I hope this works for you!
1. patience is key
2. If your gonna have a fight pick the time and place
3. Less is always more
4. Consistency is important
5. Always reward for any and everything done correct (even if it's partially correct)
They will remember everything they learn with interest. Be careful what the lesson is.
Ride with confidence and patience. Be aware of your surroundings, and half halts are your best friend 😂
I would just tell you that remeber that she or he is still a bit green so just be Calm and be aware of your surroundings. Also give lots of praise!!
Make sure you have the horses attention and respect from the ground before you climb aboard.
patience and consistency is key!
Be patient