My boots are still new, so they still need some breaking in. But they rub the back of my heels really bad when I walk, what should I do in the mean time to make it stop?

Equifit makes these gel things- you put them on under your socks and they keep you from getting blisters- I used them when I was breaking in my tall boots and they work mag
you can get moleskin from cvs! it's like a thick fabric sticker that you cut to whatever size you want. it is super sticky so you put it behind your knees or on your heels. it is really difficult to get off unless you soak it off but it's soooooo cheap.
Thank You! I found some blister bandaids to try. If they don't work, I'll probably invest in some equifit gelbands. :)
heel lifts. equifit gelbands. extra socks. and bandaids. good luck!
Put bandaids on your heals
Equifit gel bands! Also tredstep has awesome socks with achilles protection
If you put neosporen and a bandaid on your heel where you're getting rubbed then it won't hurt. There are also pads for bunions that you can put there for a bit more cushioning 🙂
thick socks and / or you can find like gel things from dover that protect your heels
Wear thick riding socks. If you don't wear riding socks, then you breeches will ride up while your riding and will make the rubbing worse. Put on some bandaids under your socks and that will help also. I hope this helped!
Blister bandaids are a miracle worker!
That happened to me
Make sure you oil them everyday. To help break mine in I walk up and down my stairs at home.
Bandages and cream. Just don't wear them until they are healed. Once healed wear precautionary bandaids to break in the boots!
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