My horse's hoof is really raw and sore bacause if rain and tropical storm Cindy. I haven't ridden her in a week and a half. Any ideas on how to help her hooves?

Thanks everyone for the tips! I will try to keep her hooves as dry as possible but there are only two stalls inside and we have three horses with hooves like this. I will try my best!
I love hoof flex and rain maker it work really good!!!
Any kind of protection is good for a hoof like that. Get some sturdy bell boots for her. Use hoof conditioner and hoof hardener every single day until it gets better. Put her in a safe and dry place like a stable where you no there isn't a lot of moisture and there's nothing that will make the situation worse. I'm not an expert so you should go see a vet if it gets worse.
Yes just like your feet when in water they get soggy her feet are just the same. You can maybe try boots for hooves if you have no dry place to keep her. They sell them for cheap at
Can you keep her in a stall/somewhere dry? Her hooves need to dry out.
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