So I don't own a horse nor lease but I ride lesson horse that have saddle for each of them but the aren't custom fit. I have been wanting to get an ogilvy should I get one?

I wouldn't if your going to use it on random horses
Also i second thinline I've ridden in them and always wanted one
I agree with @ciara2108 I wouldn't get one till u have yr own horse/lease one
I have always felt that Olgivys have a little too much thickness to them to do any good. My favorite things to use are just a regular Fleeceworks half pad and an Ultra Thinline pad or just splurge and get the Thinline half pad combo from Thinline.
Yeah go for it! If you feel like an ogilvy will help the fit and make you feel better.
The problem with ogilvys is it's memory foam so once you are sitting in the saddle it squishes all the way down then it doesn't have any give left. i have a lami cell I school in and a fleeceworks I show in.
Personally, I would never buy a saddle for a horse thay wasn't mine/wasn't leasing etc. Saddles are very expensive and fit each horse differently. It would be a waste of money in my opinion because the saddle might not fit the next horse you ride, especially if it's lesson horses as you might ride different ones each week! But it's up to you!
If you have the money go for it!
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