My horse has major anxiety (so do I) she flips out when she's alone or walking away from other horses. Anything to help her stop?

Well if you admitted anxiety then your horse is probably mirroring your anxiety. A horse will fear what you fear. It's how the herd dynamics work. So if your mare is scared of leaving her "mates" then you should consider the fact that she feels safe with them because you are anxious and the leader of a herd will only be anxious out of real danger. So actually you need to show more leadership and assertiveness so that she can feel that she will be safe with you.
Put her in a feild alone for a little and spend a lot of time with her
My horse was looking or that too. I started putting them across from each other then 2 stalls over then 3 and go on and on until they learn they are not buddys
It sounds like she's extremely buddy sour. I would feed her alone if you can and start working her alone gradually
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