I just started leasing a horse that has been doing nothing for over a year. What are some of your favorite exercises for getting a horse in shape again?

Bounce lines and grid work
I would do basic shapes (circles etc) and tempo changes which also helps with reacting on your leg
When I ride my horse we work on his muscle and being stretchy I do:lots of circles to get him to bend easier and get his balance better,do groundpoles help him want to pick his feet up, do side passses,shoulder ins,and shoulder ins on the diagnle to make him really listen to my aids and make sure he's not relying on the wall
Make sure it's balanced in the trot before you canter. Trot pole grids working up to raised trot poles. You need to build hind first before they can move properly through their top line to achieve a balanced canter
Hill work or even backing a horse up in hand forces them to engage and build hind. I make all of my riders back the horse up the full course of the arena before they start their ride. This unlocks hind and makes the beginning part of ride more productive
Take it slow, don't canter until you have a balance trot and don't jump before you have a balanced canter
This will not only build proper muscle but it will help avoid injury while they are getting fit
Long trotting & just basics
Lunging, groundwork, showmanship--check out the parelli 7 games. Hope this helps!
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