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Pros and cons of owning and retraining an otttb

Pros and cons of owning and retraining an otttb
Great horses, with great brains. But with training any horse, make sure you have a trainer that knows what they're doing and has experience with ottbs. It takes special people to work with ottbs! Good luck
I have an OTT TB and she's amazing, some cons tho is they often have more "wear and tear" compared to other horses (in joints and bones etc) so this may lead to earlier retirement in the long run (not necessarily but could happen) and also TBs are also stereotypically flat footed so they can get good probelms (you often need a good farrier). But pros - very cost effective way to buy a horse, they have most of the ground work done eg washing and tacking up, they often are fine with tucking/floating especially with other horses ect
I guess it all depends on the horse and what you want to do
It's a horse. It's always an organic process. Some have this problem. Others have that. As long as you are compassionate towards their character.
Pro - you get a horse who's talent can be worth as much as a fancy warmblood. (example - my Ottb, in a free jump session, made the distances and heights better than the warmbloods that went before her. They were Olympic show jumping related stock. My $1000 horse out did two $20K+ horses with more training)

Con - it can be a long road. They are sensitive and some are finicky. So, sometimes traditional training methods don't work. (example - my thoroughbred does not get tired out. I cannot lunge her too long, or she'll get squirrelly. Plus next time, she's more fit - so it takes even longer to come back.)